Bread Subscription

FAQ's & T&C's.

How does the payment work?

As soon as you sign up, we set up a direct debit with your bank. This takes 5 working days to complete so your subscription may not be active until the next week. If you want a loaf this week then we will need to take a manual card payment at the new discounted rate.

You make a payment in advance for the 4 week period, and have credit for 4 weeks worth of the product you have ordered .


Your payments will continue every 4 weeks until instructed otherwise.


If you cancel and still have credit left (eg you cancel 1 week after paying your direct debit, you still have 3 weeks worth of delivery credit paid for), this is non refundable but the remaining weeks orders will be delivered if we are instructed too.

am i in a contract or how do I cancel?

nope - you can pause or cancel anytime, just make sure you do it 5 working days before your next payment. to cancel, simply message us and cancel your direct debit with the bank, to pause message us direct.

What happens if i am away or want to pause?

No Issues, just let us know with at least a weeks notice and you can either:

1. bank the credit for when you're back and get an extra products up to the same value.

2. WE can pause your subscription, if you have paid for the month, your next DD payment will be shifted by the number of weeks missed.

3. If you have used all the credit from your previous 4 weekly payment then we will simply pause your payment and restart it when you tell us. WE will need 5 working days to pause the payment with the bank

What happens if i am not in for the delivery?

we ask all customers to let us know of a safe place to put the delivery. We cannot take responsibility for the order once it is left in a safe place. unfortulantly due to our delivery scheduale we cannot redeliver if there is no answer at the door.

Can i add extras to my subscription?

sure! We just ask that you request the item by 5PM Wednesday for a Friday delivery. We will take the extra payment by contactless card machine or payment link

delivery cancellation / Holiday or Change in delivery Day

from time to time we need time off like anybody.  In this case we will pause Subscriptions and push the credit over to when we reopen and move your next payment date.

We also reserve the right to cancel a planned delivery with no notice due to unforseen circumstances. in this case subscription credit will be pushed over to the next week and move your next payment date.

Currently we deliver on fridays and in the future the delivery may move to a saturday. We will give subscribers plenty of notice of the change and you will always have the ability to cancel if this doesn't suit you.


We also may move delivery days or time on a specific week but again we will give at least a weeks notice of this. EG for a one off week we may deliver on a thursday night.


Dough Drop Reserve the right to cancel any subscription with no notice. Any outstanding credit will be refunded within 14 working days.

What happens if I Miss a payment?

 just let us know and we can sort it out with you. If the payment isn't resolved within 7 days then the subscription will be cancelled. If there is a waiting list in place then unfortunately then you will have to join that to reclaim a subscription.